The Lumineer Journal

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Peaceful waters and open sky are always a welcomed sight, but unfortunatly aren't the only conditions you'll be journeying in. The calm can sometimes feel like just a pause before the next storm. However stormy the waters though, you can always find a gleam of light to get yourself back home. 


Difficult experiences are inevitable, it's true, but you are ready. Even in the midst of chaotic seas, rising up to the challenge is something you relish. Danger can be a warning to some, or an invitation to those bold enough to face it. Let The Lumineer Journal be home to the thoughts and ideas that make you strong. Use determination as glimmer of light to take you through the vicious waves and to calmer waters, or be that gleam for those around you. 



5.5" wide by 8.5" long

Real wood cover front and back

75 lined pages

Handcrafted in Westminister, Maryland


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