The Woodsman Journal

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The perfect home for your creative ideas or technical notes, store your thoughts in the Woodsman Journal. Anywhere from a hike through the woods to your little local coffee shop is an appropriate place to pull this out. And with a beautiful pine tree design on its face, this journal will serve as an ever-constant reminder to go out and breathe some fresh air if your feeling stuck. 


In partnership with Trees for the Future, each time the Woodsman Journal is purchased, a tree is planted! Trees for the Future's mission is simple but powerful: plant trees, feed families, change lives. They have planted over 115 million trees in dozens of countries and revitalized hundreds of thousands of acres of soil. For more information, visit their homepage at


5.5" wide by 8.5" long

Real Walnut and Maple wood front and back

75 lined pages

Handcrafted in Westminister, Maryland

Ships in 3-5 days