The Phases Journal

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Rising and falling of tides, the orbiting of celestial bodies coming and going, waxing and waning. The balletic lunar phases embracing the night sky are a perfect example of this enchanting cyclic dance the world around you falls into, and no one knows that more than night owls.


There is something about the darker hours of the night that inspires your mind to delve into introspection. Although sometimes this can difficult to experience, if guided well, the self-reflective spell of the moon above can lead to some powerful insights. The Lunalogist is an invitation to pay closer attention to the rhythmic waning and waxing of yourself, and what tides you bring with you. Use its pale pages as a canvas for what you find. 



5.5" wide by 8.5" long

Real wood cover front and back

75 lined pages

Handcrafted in Westminister, Maryland


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